Sash details

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Pulleys & weights

Sash windows traditionally used weights on cords running through a pulley to balance them. This system is simple but effective, and we use this for the majority of our sash windows. The frame inside which the weights are housed is hollow, giving rise to the term ‘box frame’.


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Sash horns

Are an iconic  detail of the British sash window. We can manufacture the windows with or without them, and whilst we do have standard horn details, we can exact match an existing pattern.


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We offer the ‘flush sill’ which is usual where the windows are recessed in the brickwork and sit on top of a stone subsill. And the extended sill which is common where windows are to be fitted flush to the face of the building.


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The installation of  windows is equally important as the manufacture. Many problems can arise though incorrect fitting, particularly in the case of old buildings where walls are rarely straight or true. We only use our own directly employed fitting teams, who have the experience to deal with the challenges.


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There are many associated timber items that are not part of the window itself, but are integral to the installation. Window sill boards, reveal linings, and architraves are very common, and often it is unavoidable to remove them during the fitting process. We can offer the complete package to manufacture, fit and paint, any ancillaries that are required. During a site survey we can offer experienced advice about what will be required, and we will manufacture the items bespoke for that job. We have standard architrave patterns or we can exact match existing profiles.